Kitty Inu creator 9VRSE receives Arbitrum grant to launch racing game KittyKart

US-based Kitty Inu creator and web3 game developer 9VRSE has received a grant from Arbitrum in order to enable the forthcoming launch of its battle royale racing game KittyKart.

In conjunction with the announcement, 9VRSE has also revealed the title will deploy on Arbitrum One. Described as a mix of go-kart racing, first-person shooter and play-to-earn, PC-based KittyKart is the studio’s first game.

With a team of industry members from Oculus, Meta, and Google, 9VRSE is part of the wider Kitty Inu ecosystem, which also involves the Kitty Inu DAO, best known for its ERC-20 token KITTY. At the end of 2023, the token was integrated with avatars in leading social farming game Pixels.

In addition to expressing how excited the team is about joining the Arbitrum network, 9VRSE CEO Anna Nevison commented, “This generous grant from the Arbitrum Foundation accelerates our vision for KittyKart, transforming it from a traditional play-and-earn model to an immersive digital ownership experience. It’s a leap towards realizing Loyalty 3.0, where engagement and rewards evolve beyond the game.”

An early demo of KittyKart is currently available to download via the game’s website.

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