BoomLand’s Hunters On-Chain leaves Polygon for Immutable

Polish game developer BoomLand is migrating its flagship title Hunters On-Chain from Polygon mainnet to Immutable’s zkEVM. The news followed days after Immutable rolled out its zkEVM mainnet, and means Hunters On-Chain will be one of the first live games to deploy on the network.

Behind the move is a variety of reasons, but the most significant one being user experience, including fast transaction speeds, improved interface and low gas fees. These factors were also why BoomLand chose to first deploy on Polygon in 2023, but just like many other developers as of late, has increasingly found not to be fulfilled.

A F2P fast-paced action RPG, Hunters On-Chain launched in 2023, first via browser and later on mobile, and is a sequel to BoomLand’s web2 title Hunters Arena. With a gradual roll out of quests and missions, the deeper web3 features mainly consist of Hunters and Chest NFTs as well as BGEM tokens and the native BOOM token.

While the game is also integrated with Horizon’s wallet solution Sequence for a smoother onboarding service, the team now hopes the Immutable Passport will have a similar impact. This integration is expected to take place over the coming weeks.

“We acknowledge the challenges that have arisen in the past year, and this move is a strategic step towards overcoming those hurdles. BoomLand and Immutable share a common vision — seamless web3 gaming for all, irresistible digital assets and absolutely no compromises. Our values are deeply rooted in innovation, user satisfaction and ease of use,” commented BoomLand in the official announcement.

To play the game, visit the BoomLand website.

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