Taki releases collaborative project Game7 Food Fighter

Web3 mobile gaming network Taki Games’ collaboration with DAO Game7 to create a game has resulted in its latest release Game7 Food Fighter.

The two organisations have come together to accelerate the adoption of blockchain gaming thanks to what they hope will be a combination of addictive F2P mobile gameplay and sustainable rewards.

Labelled by Taki as “Takinomics“, this consists of a mechanism in which fiat money spent by players is used to buy back TAKI tokens – now available on Solana and Polygon – from the open market, which is then burned to reduce supply, while an equal amount is taken from the project’s reserve pool to be given away as in-game rewards to players.

Players interact with the blockchain in terms of the token and in-game assets using the integrated Rally Mobile Wallet SDK.

“It’s clear that Taki Games and the Game7 DAO share the same vision for web3 to bring gamers and developers closer together,” said Taki Games’ CEO Weiwei Geng.

“Realizing this vision means bringing gaming’s billions of gamers and $200 billion in revenues on-chain, and we’re excited to do this with Taki Games and Takinomics, which make games that people already love even more valuable by enabling gamers to become owners.”

Taki says its network of games have been downloaded more than 5 million times on Android devices alone, and are already generating real revenue, and driving purchases of TAKI tokens to fuel its rewards platform.

Find out more at the Taki Games website.

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