Delabs’ CEO responds to claims Rumble Racing Star is cancelled stating it’s “moving faster than ever”

Confusion regarding the future of Delabs’ lawnmower racing game Rumble Racing Star following rumors that the development team had been dismantled has proved unfounded.

In fact, Delabs Games’ CEO Joonmo Kwon has stated on X that the developer is “moving faster than ever” following the game’s recent Google Play launch.

He also assured there’s a “bounty of events lined up for the next couple of weeks including collaborative campaigns with Nine Chronicles and Y00ts“, among others. So while part of the development team left the company in January, Rumble Racing Star will continue to be supported with liveops and future collaborations.

Delabs, which is the web3 arm of South Korean game studio 4:33, is busy working on more than just its flagship title Rumble Racing Star however. Dystopian RPG Metabolts is currently preparing for its first NFT mint on 26th February, while the studio also has a third title, Unreal shooter Space Frontier, in development.

Moreover, Delabs announced at the end of January that its forthcoming DELABS token launch will take place sometime in 2024.

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