Pixel Vault’s Reboot infrastructure migrating to Xai

The Xai gaming blockchain has gained a supporter with the news that Pixel Vault is moving its Reboot infrastructure to the Xai chain.

Originally known for its Metaheroes and Punk Comics NFTs in the 2022 boom year, Pixel Vault is now focused on games and has been operating its fully onchain squad RPG BattlePlan in early testing on Reboot.

Reboot currently runs on Arbitrum Nova, while Xai is a L3 blockchain running as an Arbitrum Orbit chain so the migration will not be a technically complex procedure.

BattlePlan is expected to launch on Xai in Q2 2024, and currently has attracted up to 5,000 weekly players, with a total of 10,000 players participating in Season One, generating 7.5 million transactions. Pixel Vault also expects to launch other titles on Xai in due course.

Xai itself went live in January 2024, following a successful node sale, which raised $15 million in December 2023. The XAI token has also performed well, currently ranking as the 254th most valuable crypto.

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