Animoca portfolio games adopting gaming L2 Saakuru

Singapore-based Saakuru Labs and Animoca Brands have announced a strategic deal which aims to enhance web3 gaming by promoting Saakuru’s gaming-centric L2 blockchain.

One of Saakura’s main features is gasless transactions, which due to the recent partnership, is set to be integrated into a set of Animoca portfolio games, with a particular focus on fully onchain experiences.

“Imagine playing a fast-paced multiplayer game, fully on-chain and without transaction fees or lag. That’s the power that the Saakuru Protocol brings to the table”, commented Saakuru Labs co-founder and CEO Jack Vinijtrongjit. 

The deal is unveiled in light of a recent private funding round, led by Based VC and ARC Community, in which Saakura Labs raised $2.4 million to support the expansion of its L2 chain. 

Among companies already adopting the Saakura Protocol is Japanese gaming blockchain Oasys, which has a Saakura Verse integration including games such as GOGA, Galaxy Blitz, SingSing, and recently launched mobile endless runner Crypto Run.

Indeed, Saakura says over 430,000 wallets are currently holding assets on its mainnet, whose daily transaction volume surpasses 200,000. Over 40 projects deployed on Saakura are set to launch during 2024, including gaming platform PlayGround from Play Beyond.

Saakuru Labs VP of web3 Engineering Marius Silenskis said, “We have spent significant effort to ensure a seamless experience for developers so they can spend more energy focusing on figuring out the best web3 strategy for their games. By using our SDK, a mobile game can add web3 support in just days.”

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