Aurory launches Prologue to Adventures experience

Aurory, the developer of the upcoming flagship game on Solana, has unveiled Prologue to Adventures, which it calls the first major milestone in the project’s roadmap. Holders of an Aurorian character NFT will have access to the Prologue, which also acts as the foundation for the game’s longterm future. Non-NFT holders will get access later this summer.

In Prologue, players can step into Blanche – a village hidden in the snow-clad Tokane mountains – which is one of the main locations where adventures happen. Players can also experience Speed Blitz, which are Pokemon-style 1v1 battle duels.

To take part in Speed Blitz, players will have to interact with an NPC, who will challenge them to a battle. Players will then have to wager a set amount of $AURY tokens on the outcome.

“This is a huge step for Adventures and we’re excited for players to finally experience the game. It’s been a colossal amount of effort to get to where we are. The Prologue sets the stage for what is to come, and we’ve made sure the foundation is strong before continuing on this path,” commented Jon Campeau, the executive producer and head of production at Aurory.

Blanche will have a main plaza where Aurorians meet and chill, and they can interact with each other via a chat box. The main plaza also houses multiple kiosks, including a swap kiosk which lets players swap SOL and USDC for $AURY. Also, there’s a marketplace kiosk where players can buy Neftie eggs, and more.

“The future is bright for Aurory and its dedicated community – it holds so much more than what is currently presented in The Prologue,” commented Stephan Carmignani, the game’s creative director.

“Our dream is for it to grow and evolve into a light MMO experience as the narrative develops, and we look forward to seeing its expansion in the coming years.”

You can find out more at the Aurory website.

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