Expansion to Avalanche marked with Heroes of Eldarune tournament and free mint

To mark its expansion to Avalanche, web3 gaming studio Eldarune is kicking off a free NFT mint as well as a tournament featuring 250,000 ELDA tokens up for grabs.

Turkish developer Eldarune has reason to celebrate a new milestone. Integrating cross-chain with the Avalanche ecosystem, from previously being solely deployed on BNB, means not only growing its community but also enhancing the interoperability of its assets.

With a total of four medieval-themed games in its portfolio, Eldarune’s forthcoming tournament is based on TCG Heroes of Eldarune. With simple game mechanics and graphics, the game invites players to participate in TCG challenges across browser, PC, and mobile. As well as integrating cross-chain, Eldarune intends for all its games – including World of Elymnias, Journey, and Elda Rush – to be available cross-platform. Additionally, the developer aims for its NFTs and ELDA token to be interoperable across all games and blockchains in its ecosystem.

In terms of the tournament, it features numerous events, including time, score, and win-based challenges. Running on Avalanche and BNB, the event kicks off on 14th March and ends on 31st.

Players will have a chance of receiving

  • 444 Red Box Whitelist spots, randomly selected through a raffle. 
  • 250,000 ELDA tokens, which are distributed randomly to selected players and those in top of the leaderboard.
  • Eldarune NFTs, which are awarded to all tournament participants.

Following the tournament, on 8th April, the developer is also hosting a free mint on Avalanche, containing 888 NFTs – 666 of one type and 222 of another.

Stay up-to-date about the tournament via Eldarune’s X account, and its website.

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