Ronin hits an ATH of 1.2 million DAUWs

Sky Mavis’ Ronin blockchain has hit an all-time high of 1.2 million daily active unique wallets, beating out the previous peak of 1.1 million DAUWs from 21st November 2021 generated during the high of Axie Infinity mania, data from provider Nansen shows.

The difference this time around is that while Ronin’s usage peak in 2021 immediately dropped, in 2024 the chain’s activity is spread across multiple games.

Pixels leads the way, hitting its own all-time high of 619,000 DAUWs on 19th March, but alongside this, Apeiron is running at around 50,000 DAUWs thanks to its token event, while Axie Infinity: Origins is at the 15,000 DAUWs level.

There’s also increasing general activity on Ronin thanks to staking and liquidity rewards, new NFT releases – for example from Kaidro – and the early access of other games such as Axie: Homeland and Axie Champions.

Of course, the fact that the RON token also hit its ATH of $4.45 on 13th March is just another accelerant.

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