Sui and Playtron unveil web3 native handheld gaming console

Gaming company Playtron has partnered with web3 developer Mysten Labs to launch handheld gaming console SuiPlay0X1, which features native web3 capabilities integrated with layer-1 blockchain Sui.

In a quest to bring blockchain to handheld consoles, SuiPlay0X1 will be integrated with the Sui blockchain at the OS account level via zkLogin and Sui Kiosk SDKs, effectively allowing players to access games deployed on Sui that interacts closely with the Playtron OS, as well as games on other ecosystems. Indeed, SuiPlay0X1 enables gamers to play both web3 and web2 games across both PC and mobile.

Unveiled on stage at ongoing 2-day Sui Basecamp event in Paris, the SuiPlay0X1 gaming console is expected to launch sometime in 2025.

For more details, visit the Playtron website.

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