Mobile fighter TAT Rumble set for US launch 6th June

New anime-style card fighter TAT Rumble from mobile game developer Kreation Verse will launch on iOS and Android in the US on 6th June, 2024.

Japanese/American Kreation Verse was founded three years ago by CEO Tomoya Ogawa and TAT Rumble game director Karin. Together they also developed and operated the Dragonball Z Dokkan Battle mobile title. TAT Rumble is the studio’s debut title, and will initially launch in the US, before expanding globally. 

Based around a world-wide no-rules martial arts tournament including 12 legendary fighters called TAT Masters, TAT Rumble is a mobile game using 2D characters drawn and animated by Tatsuro Iwamoto, whose work is best known from Capcom’s Ace Attorney series. Combining anime-style design, 90s pixel art, and fighting games, the collectible cards can also be converted into NFTs.

“This is mostly a web2 free-to-play mobile game. And then you can get the NFT conversion item. And then, you can convert your characters into NFTs,” explained Ogawa in a recent interview with BlockchainGamer. “There’s the character creation, development and battle. And then on top of that, there’s an NFT cycle.”

Another feature is gacha mechanics for daily rewards and collectible art, as well as the integration of Martial Byte, a technology created by Rufus Inc., enabling players to download and master the techniques of the 12 different fighters. With controls designed for mobile devices, its quick and intense matches cater to players of all styles and skill levels. 

Discover more about TAT Rumble by visiting its website, and follow the game on X.

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