Mystic Moose unveils squad RPG Prophecy of The Ancients

Web3 game developer Mystic Moose has unveiled its updated roadmap, including a new game in addition to current titles Mojo Melee and GoGo Mojo

Continuing to expand its Planet Mojo ecosystem, Mystic Moose announced endless runner game GoGo Mojo at the beginning of March 2024. Now the studio has revealed its latest game, a squad-based action RPG with the temporary title Prophecy of The Ancients, which is built using Unreal Engine 5. 

In addition, the studio has launched a new web shop where users can buy gem packs and the BattlePass for new season Pride of the Past. To celebrate the occasion, players using MOJO tokens are offered a 50% discount lasting for a week.

The news is rolled out at the back of two recent strategic partnerships. In March Mystic Moose announced its collaborating with Asia-focused esports brand TALON, aimed at bringing autochess battler Mojo Melee to several new markets in the Asian region.

In another move, the game developer announced its working with global toy company WowWee to create products based on the Planet Mojo IP.

As for what else to expect in the Planet Mojo ecosystem, users can look forward to revamped versions 2.0 of the Mojo Maker and Mojo Marketplace, in addition to new Mojo costumes, champion skins, and various game modes.

Discover more about Planet Mojo by visiting its website, and follow its latest updates via X.

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