Sequence integrating with Arbitrum L3 Xai

Xai Foundation and Horizon have announced Xai Builder, an all-in-one solution which integrates Horizon’s Sequence technology with Arbitrum-based L3 Xai.

The partnership offers Xai developers and content creators Sequence’s comprehensive web3 tooling and infrastructure kit to build web3 apps and games. 

One of the early builders on Xai is game developer Ex Populus. Its overarching mission is to make web3 technology smoother by abstracting away its complex processes. To that end, by tapping into Xai Builder, developers get access to features such as

  • Wallets solutions including embedded wallets, and social and email signups and logins. 
  • Web3 marketplaces.
  • NFT collections solutions.
  • Debit and credit card payment systems.
  • An Indexer, which enables developers and players to visualize game items and rewards including price history and metadata.
  • Gas sponsorship and transaction API, including batched transactions.
  • Game analytics tools.
  • Game engine SDKs.

Another developer building on Xai due to its gasless transactions is Laguna Games, which has started the process of migrating its flagship title Crypto Unicorns and other games from Polygon to Xai.

“By offering a user-friendly developer console with integrated features like gas fee elimination and familiar sign-up processes, Xai Builder removes significant barriers to entry for studios exploring web3 integration,” added The Arbitrum Foundation’s Elias Abi Daoud.

“Game developers face a number of challenges, from technology and solutions to build the best games to distribution and publishing support. With Xai Builder and our partnership with Xai, game devs have everything they need: the world’s leading web3 games development platform and the world’s leading AAA chain and go-to-market support,” added Sequence head of strategy and partnerships Sam Barberie.

Discover more by visiting Xai Builder, and stay up-to-date on Xai and Sequence via X.

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