Delabs Games forges new partnerships

South Korean web3 game developer Delabs Games has unveiled new strategic partnerships with web3 gaming companies including Ambrus Studio, Cow Cup and Proof of Play.

In a mutual quest, Delabs and E4C: Final Salvation-developer Ambrus Studio have announced a deal to “share resources” between their games. As well as offering strategic support, Ambrus Studio founder and gaming veteran Johnson Yeh will also onboard Delabs as an advisor. Yeh brings his experience in esports, having formerly been Riot Games’ managing director for Greater China, Japan, and Southeast Asia, contributing to the success of League of Legends and Valorant

Another partnership is with little known developer Cow Cup and its mobile-based battle royale MOBA Counter Fire. This collaboration entails cross-community airdrop campaigns such as Delabs Games’ Ladybug’s Journey and Counter Fire‘s Hill’s Treasure Hunt.

Additionally, Delabs’ platinum tickets and golden tickets will be airdropped to the Counter Fire community, while Counter Fire’s Founder’s Tag will be integrated into Delabs’ upcoming airdrop event part 3. Delabs community members joining Counter Fire’s pre-season testing will also be whitelist to the project’s Genesis Heroes mint.

The news follows Delabs’ recent announcement it’s moving all of its portfolio games to Arbitrum, having previously deployed its inaugural lawnmower racer Rumble Racing Star on Polygon. Initially only available for PC, the game’s now also expanded to mobile. The studio’s second game, Metabolts, is a dystopian character collection RPG, while the third title, space-themed survival game Space Frontier is still in development.

Following its move to Arbitrum, Delabs has also joined forces with Arbitrum-based RPG Pirate Nation from Proof of Play, airdropping Platinum tickets to holders of Gen 0 Pirate NFT holders, which give a 30% boost to leaderboard points in Rumble Racing Star.

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