Netmarble launches Pocket Girls: Idle RPG, first game powered by gMBXL token

Following a restructure of its tokenomics, Netmarble’s web3 gaming arm Marblex has launched its first game integrated with ecosystem token gMBXL.

A co-development from Marblex and indie game developer Nugem, Pocket Girls: Idle RPG combines casual gaming with idle RPG elements. The fifth in line of Netmarble’s web3 titles to launch, like its precursors Pocket Girls is a free-to-play mobile-based game available globally via Google Play. 

Previous mobile titles from Nugem Studio include Isekai Fighting Girls and Kkanbu Battle.

Designed for beginners, Pocket Girls revolves around Maymay, a character who is on a mission to find her scattered friends, in order to beat Triple A, “the strongest player in the world” who “bullies the weak to show off his power”.

Players can collect heroes and level up their martial arts skills, while fighting through dungeons and completing quests in order to acquire in-game rewards such as gold and diamonds.

In terms of web3 features, users logging in to their Marblex wallet and buy a World Fighting Championship Key can participate in the game’s leaderboard rankings. Rank points are based on how long players last in battles.

The gMBXL token is tradable at a 1:1 ratio with MBXL, which is a bridge token in the Marblex ecosystem, directly linked to the games serviced by Marblex.

Discover more about Pocket Girls: Idle RPG and its gMBXL token in the Marblex whitepaper, and download the game via Google Play.

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