Ronin onboards Lumiterra, its first open world survival MMORPG

Sky Mavis welcomes first third-party open world survival MMORPG as Hong Kong-based developer Ticker Logic brings Lumiterra: Embers of the Legacy to Ronin.

Previously deployed on Arbitrum, Lumiterra already features a deep game economy revolving around resource acquisition game loops including farming, crafting, and real-time battles. Its progressive gameplay allows players to level up as they gain experience, participate in quests with their friends, or band together to form alliances against other players.

By bringing Lumiterra to Ronin, Sky Mavis hopes to attract more players from China and Hong Kong to its gaming network.

Lumiterra’s migration to Ronin is more than just adding a new game; it’s about welcoming legions of web3 gamers from China and Hong Kong into Ronin’s digital nation. With a strong, organically-grown community and proven success in the DeFi space, Lumiterra is set to thrive on Ronin,” commented Sky Mavis CEO and co-founder Trung Nguyen.

“Our goal is to captivate players through high-quality games, allowing the in-game goods economy to function naturally and fostering a healthy economic circulation system that supports the game’s ongoing expansion and depth,” said co-founder and CEO of Lumiterra Lark.

“We are excited to bring Lumiterra to the Ronin ecosystem, uniting DeFi, GameFi, and players in a seamless experience. Ronin’s proven track record, scalability, and active community make it the ideal platform for us. We look forward to introducing a new paradigm to our dedicated followers and the Ronin community,” shared Lark, Co-Founder CEO of Lumiterra.

Lumiterra’s closed beta is set to launch on Ronin in July 2024. However, it’s also worth pointing out that somewhat confusingly, the game has also recently announced it will be launching on Solana L2 Sonic.

Stay up-to-date via the game’s website and X account.

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