Tomarket launches Telegram-based Drop Game to boost web3 mass adoption

Web3 startup Tomarket has launched a new Telegram game, in order to attract new users to crypto trading as a means for mass adoption of web3.

Following the recent beta version release of Tomarket’s Drop Game – which let users lock bonuses in exchange for TOMATO points earned through daily logins, playing the game, and inviting new users – the number of users has hit 750,000.

Now that the game is officially live on Telegram, anyone can play and earn TOMATO points for free, which later on will be exchangeable for Tomarket’s native tokens. 

Drop Game is only part of the plan however. Following the game launch, Tomarket is set to unveil its TON and Telegram-based web3 marketplace for emerging assets, including RWA, crypto bond rates, points, and pre-TGE assets. To this end, the company recently announced fresh funding from Bitget Wallet and Foresight X.

Bitget Wallet COO Alvin Kan commented, “We are very optimistic about the vast market of the TON and Telegram ecosystem. Tomarket is a highly promising project within this ecosystem, and we look forward to more collaborations in the future.”

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