CryptoKitties mints its 1 millionth cat

What a difference a year makes.

What a difference a year makes.

Starting in October 2017, anyone that first learns about blockchain games is very likely to have heard about it through CryptoKitties.

From its first generation of cats, the number of kitties that players have gone on to buy, sell and make has only increased, and now, CryptoKitties celebrates some milestones as it reaches the 1-year mark.

The game has officially reached the total of 1 million kitties as of September 12th.

CryptoKitties’ multiple milestones

While celebrating the sheer increase in its kitty population, the game has some other milestones it’s successfully passed this month.

From November 2017, for example, players have been responsible for the trading of 340,000 kitties, equalling $25 million at the time.

Along with this quantity, there have been 100 kitties that have sold for more than $10,000, including the likes of ‘Dragon,’ and ‘Kitty #127’, selling for $107,000 & $140,000 respectively.

Even though it’s reached some significant milestones, it’s sure to continue as one of the most popular dApps in blockchain gaming.

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