‘Monopoly on blockchain’ Crypto Marble launches on VX Network

Crypto Marble will be one of the first titles on the VX Network

The blockchain gaming world certainly has its fair share of games for the budding property owners out there.

But until now, there were no blockchain variations on a property game like Monopoly. That appears to have changed thanks to the introduction of Crypto Marble on the VX Network.

Operating in a similar fashion to old-fashioned monopoly, except players purchase and build various assets on the tiles. According to VX Network’s CEO, Michael C. Chung, the game will be available ‘regardless of device and OS.’

The VX Network

Crypto Marble represents the first of a wave of games coming to VX Network, bringing with it an ecosystem made of various games connected by a mutually used marketplace.

The broader concept of ‘common exchange’ sheds light on the scope of item and token interoperability between games on the network.

while Crypto Marble is due to launch on February 2019, the VX Network has a number of other games coming this year.

These include BitPet, and the 3D Golf game – BitGolf.

For more information about the VX Network, visit the website.

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