Cocos-BCX officially opens alpha testing to developers worldwide

Cocos-BCX has opened up alpha testing of its platform to new developers

The Cocos-BCX team made the announcement during Blockchain Games Next.

Cocos-BCXSince the launch of its TestNet in December 2018, Cocos-BCX has set its sights on developing a blockchain-agnostic platform.

Thus giving developers a foundation from which to build the kind of titles that use blockchain to unlock its potential.

Now, during Blockchain Games Next, the Cocos team has officially opened up this testnet to developers around the world.

While this platform is still in testnet, it will give these same developers the chance to put the platform to the test.

The positives of testing the platform

Along with being the first to participate in tech updates and events, along with continuous communication with the Cocos team through AMAs.

Meaning that developers on the alpha iteration of the platform can also benefit from priority support for the release of their titles, including potential financial support for developers participating on the testnet.

How to apply – requirements

  • Candidates with experience in game development will be given priority in selection.
  • Candidates with the intention to deploy games on Cocos-BCX will be given priority in selection.
  • Candidates with experience in blockchain technology research and coding will be given priority in selection.

Above are not mandatory requirements for candidates. All developers (individuals or teams) are welcome to apply for the program.

to apply, visit the application form here.

The Cocos-BCX team has also released a segment of its projects codebase open-source. Check out the Github here.

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