What does blockchain mean for VR and AR?

TheVirtualReport’s industry panel on how decentralised ledgers could impact VR, AR and MR.

Our sister site, TheVirtualReport.biz, covers all things virtual reality and augmented reality. In a new opinion piece, a panel of immersive industry experts offers their opinions on how decentralised ledgers could impact VR, AR and MR. We thought you might be interested to hear some of their thoughts.

All-encompassing profiles and brand IP

Sam Watts, Director of Immersive Technologies at Make Real, a UK-based VR development studio looked beyond cryptocurrencies to users having, “An all-encompassing profile to carry across platforms whilst contacts and systems admins will know that they are who they say they are and there’s no spoofing or confusion”.

He did sound a note of caution for real world brands, however when he asked, “Who is going to control the likely influx of photogrammetry / 3D scanned digital representations of real world objects? Brands are going to have to get savvy real quick to ensure they control their digital representations”.

Advertising and interoperability

Admix specialises in advertising solutions for VR and AR. CEO Samuel Huber suggested that one potential use might be to record user’s gaze metrics – crucial for immersive marketing. He was more excited about its potential to unite a fragmented VR experience across user IDs and currencies. He said, “We are thinking of the blockchain as the common link between these worlds, providing a layer of trust and persistent identity, and a first step towards interoperability”.

Digital identities and fever breaking

Simon Benson, Founder of Realised Realities, predicts a future where blockchain can help users differentiate between live user avatars and NPCs so that anyone knows whether they are talking to the ‘real’ person behind the headset. He considered that, “Having the ability to protect our digital selves in a way that does not centralise the ownership and allows us to clearly audit where our digital selves are accessed is likely to be a necessity.”

ICO Partners’ CEO Thomas Bidaux was more considered about the current ‘fever’ trend for the tech, but said that, “Hopefully, when the fever has gone, we will be left with good, strong, clever applications of these technologies.”

You can read the original article in full here.

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