Comparing the revenue split for blockchain PC game distributors

Breaking the 70:30 consensus

Following our recent interview with blockchain PC game distribution outfit Ultra, I thought it was time to start digging into the sector more deeply.

Certainly there are already a number of such companies in the process of raising funds, building projects and preparing for launch.

So it was time to hit the white papers to see if I could pull out some basic data points in terms of how they compare in terms of revenue share.

Giving it away

As is clear from the table above, there are plenty of gaps in my information: something to work on, especially in terms of resale and item sales.

But when it comes to original sale of games, it’s obvious the vast majority of blockchain distributors are looking to improve the current standard 70:30 split, even to the extent of giving developers 100% to encourage them to experiment with this new opportunity.

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