Supremacy Games’ Jari Pauna on rethinking what blockchain games are

As the year draws to an end, we’re asking some of the key members of the blockchain gaming sector what they thought about what happened in 2023, and what they expect in 2024. You can check out all our interviews in this series here.

Jari Pauna is the CEO of Supremacy Games, the developer of NFT racing game Apex Kings. He’s also set to speak at PG Connects London on a panel discussing the future of web3 games, the metaverse and the next big frontier in gaming.

What was the most significant news of 2023?

When it comes to blockchain gaming the most significant news is the bear market that has caused more havoc than Godzilla on a worldwide rampage. I’m even a bit worried that the bear itself might have been eaten this year, as so many games and companies have vanished. Of course, it’s not just blockchain gaming companies, this has affected all games companies, but blockchain has taken a double beating this year.

How did the focus of your business change this year?

We are developing a trading card game, and we were determined to make it a blockchain game. Trading cards as NFTs is a no brainer and the players would benefit from it the most. However, the sentiment from the players is not favourable, and we are now likely to make it a “normal” game.

Also, the blockchain ecosystem is still longingly looking back at the gamified financial products of yesterday, unable to move forward.

What do you predict will be the most important trends in 2024?

Even more blockchain experts becoming AI experts. On the gaming side, PC and console games are getting a bigger share of the pie, and mobile games try to find a way to reach their customers. I’m seeing a lot of posts about people “being bullish” as they interpret random happenings or try to find meaning in unrelated events as an indication that good times will come back in 2024. Those posts confirm that we’re still firmly in bear market with no actual improvement in sight.

What was your favourite blockchain game of the year?

If I had to choose something, it would be Nitro Nation.

Generally speaking, there still has not been a genuinely successful blockchain game. This probably won’t change in 2024, unless something very surprising happens.

The blockchain game that I’m looking forward most to is Project Awakening from CCP, but I don’t think there’s a release date for it yet.

What’s your New Year’s resolution and what resolution would you enforce on the industry?

My New Year’s resolution is to play more games, read more fiction, watch more sci-fi, establish an early-stage gaming fund and stay awesome.

I would enforce on the blockchain gaming industry a rethinking of what games with blockchain elements are. I’m still seeing too many stubborn ancient “play to earn” designs and way too many useless blockchain platforms and wallets.

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