Fhloston Paradise – how bots can make a game more competitive

Fhloston Paradise's players are likely to up their game against the bots

Fhloston Paradise winner – Dmitry Pichulin – managed to outperform players with a custom bot, does that place human players at a disadvantage? Not necessarily.

Chance and risk are attributes of any game, especially Phloston Paradise, one of Waves’ first game titles. For those unfamiliar with the game, players need to compete against each other in 60-minute rounds. The object of the game? be the last player to bid on the block, with an entire pool of WAVES being the prize.

Recently, Dmitry Pichulin managed to win a pool of 4,700 WAVES ($13,100) through his innovative approach towards playing. His strategy was making use of his custom designed bot called Patrollo, which staked eight WAVES tokens over the 60 minute round.

Bots and Blockchain – FOMO 3D

So with the inclusion of a bot into this game, are human players at a permanent disadvantage? If anything, titles like FOMO 3D have proven that all it takes is players competing smarter, not harder.

The very first round of FOMO consisted of a prize pool of nearly $3 million (10,500ETH), easy pickings for a bot, right? Not necessarily.

For one player, it was a matter of both testing to see how exactly the bots were playing, while ‘babysitting’ their own transactions. In doing so, he found that these bots would not exceed a certain GAS fee, meaning that he could pay large GAS fees and block out the bots’ transactions.

In doing so, one keen-minded player found a way to out-perform the bots. As one member of the blockchain community concluded at the time, these games (bots included) serve as essential experimenting grounds. Meaning that only the innovative players and bots can overcome obstacles.

…gimmicks, hacks and games tend to be the petri dish where interesting innovations are born that would have previously been pre-empted by considerations of propriety or preposterousness.”

So, with this in mind, are players at an immediate disadvantage against bots in a game like Fhloston? So long as there are inquisitive players competing, it doesn’t look like it.

With the release of Fhloston Paradise 2, will the same method be applied for Pichulin? Only time will tell. But it’s likely that we’ll see creative counter-measures cropping up from players to try out outperform the bots.

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