Gods Unchained sheds new light on Beta, due 10 June

For Gods Unchained, the best is certainly yet to come

Gods Unchained has provided some more insight as to what we can expect from the team this year

The Gods Unchained team has been hard at work behind the scenes developing the game. With the end of March, the team has published its end of quarter progress report this week. Including some a change up to the formula of its roadmap.

Gods Unchained – Revised roadmap

One of the things that the team seek to provide for its fans is a far more transparent roadmap. Making use of Trello to give users a greater understanding of what features the team is working on.

“This will function as a source of truth for what our plans are, and allow the community to comment and vote on features they are most interested in. This helps our community be more involved in our development, and we think that’s pretty damn cool.”

Timeline for Beta release

Along with its more transparent roadmap, the team has given a more conclusive time-frame for its beta. While the team is aiming for the open beta release to happen in 10 weeks time. The team is fully aware of some of the issues that come with this launch, the matter of balancing the title before and after its launch.

For those that are card owners and have bought packs before March, users will be given preferential access to the beta.

For more information about the Gods Unchained update, visit the website.

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