Decentraland concludes its creator contest – over 9,000 scenes submitted

Decentraland marks the end of its creator contest with a 9k large exclamation mark.

With 900k MANA, 50 LAND Parcels and 2 HTC EXODUS-1’s on the line, the Decentraland community is playing to win

Decentraland has reached the end of its creator contest, with its community proving more than eager to participate. The task of judging these various scenes is made all the more challenging from the number of contestants.

According to the team, a grand total of 9,000 scenes have been submitted since the contest began. In summary, over 31,000 parcels of LAND have been put to use to create some truly innovative scenes.

With 900K worth of MANA and 50 LAND parcels up for grabs, including two HTC EXODUS-1 phones up for grabs. The Decentraland community is leaving all of their efforts on the LAND for this contest.

For more information about the contest, visit the website.

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