Win a HTC Exodus in Decentraland’s Creator Contest

Two Exodus 1 phones is likely to raise the stakes for Decentraland's contest

Decentraland’s creator contest is raising the stakes for competitors as HTC adds two EXODUS 1 phones to the prizes

With HTC’s partnership with Decentraland comes some added perks for those getting involved in its recent competition. While the creator contest is nearing its conclusion, Decentraland has raised the stakes and included a new prize for the big winners.

These were two of HTC’s newest phone, the Exodus-1, known for its support for blockchain. So long as the two lucky competitors prove able to illustrate the value of building a foundation of trust and security, they’ll be in with a shot of winning one of these prizes.

Not to mention the fact that the prizes also consist of over 900k in MANA and 50 parcels of LAND.

For those interested in taking part, all they’ll need to do is visit the builder page here, build the scene that they believe best demonstrates these values.

For more information, visit Decentraland.

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