CryptoKitties makes NFT history: 1.5 million Kitties created

CryptoKitties has officially made NFT history

The community behind CryptoKitties has made history this week, as it reaches 1.5 million kitties

The race to 1 million is a thing of the past, as CryptoKitties has broken another NFT record. As more experienced players of the game are aware, there was a race to reach the illustrious #CryptoKitty1500000. Or the goal of reaching 1.5 million CryptoKitties through breeding.

And now, as of the beginning of this week, the team has announced the creation of its 1.5 millionth Kitty.

For being around for just over a year, the game has accrued the single largest library of NFTs.

Demonstrating the remarkable versatility of the game, and hard work of its dedicated community.

Congrats to the CryptoKitties team and community.

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