SplinterLands begins fundraising on SEEDGerminator – sneak peak at exclusive card

SEEDGerminator has kicked off the Splinterlands fundraising campaign with a bang

With soft and hard caps of 500,000 and 5 million SEED/TRON respectively, SplinterLands token fundraising has just begun. While starting early on April 15th, backers have already managed to raise nearly 190,000 TRX/SEED so far.

With approximately 13 days remaining on the sale, we can only see whether this momentum continues.

Meanwhile, the SEEDGerminator team reveals one of the exclusive cards up for grabs for contributors.

One of its ultra-rare cards, the Red Dragon card provides users with a powerful addition to their prospective deck.

For more information about the fundraising campaign, visit the SEEDGerminator page here.

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