Neon District extends Baus until 7pm EST / 11pm GMT on 15th April

From unfortunate glitch to an extended deadline

Neon District’s Founder’s Sale for its Season 0 ‘Baus’ will be getting an unexpected extension

While Neon District‘s Founder’s Sale has been going from strength to strength, especially with its Baus sale. But even while this exclusive NFT has hit the marketplace, it has had its fair share of issues.

Neon District

Specifically, the ordering of pricing for its NFTs, specifically in allowing users to add more time to an auction if they bid during the last 5 minutes.

As a result, the exclusive Baus NFT was granted to a bidder while there was still time remaining in the sale.

“After review, we found that due to a small bug, the auction prematurely ended and granted the Baus to a bidder while there was time remaining on the clock.”

The Neon District team went on to explain that it would be re-starting the auction, with the help of the previous winner. With a new extended deadline of 7pm GMT.

“We believe in fairness of opportunity and staying true to our word, and we felt that we should respect the bidder’s valid bid to win Baus as expected.” The team continues.

“However, after talking with the winner of the auction, they graciously offered to return Baus to us for a refund, and allow us to resolve the bug and continue the auction.”

For more information about the auction, visit the page right here.

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