Neon District – God tier founders key sells for $2,300

Neon District has broken some new records with its Founders Keys

The Founders Sale keys are getting expensive

While the Founders sale for Neon District has been underway for a few weeks now, there are still surprises.

Among them, the highest tier of Founders Keys (God Tier) has been bringing in a considerable sum for the team.

In fact, just this week, one has been sold for a total of 14ETH, equalling $2,330, with several more up for bids.

For the moment, other God keys range in offers from 0.5 to 1.7, but it’s likely that these will appreciate as auctions go on.

Meanwhile, one of the ways that the team is sweetening the deal is a new airdrop of in-game helmets. Ranging in rarity from the uncommon to the ultra-rare, and players have clearly been taking advantage of this.

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