Earn exclusive cards by joining SplinterLands fundraising campaign

SplinterLands is providing some good incentives for contributors

SEEDGerminator and SplinterLands are giving its contributors some special rewards

Being supported by SesameSeed and its accelerator platform – SEEDGerminator – SplinterLands is getting started with fundraising. While the team intends to launch on TRON in the near future, its fundraising will allow it to integrate faster.

According to both the SplinterLands and SesameSeed teams, the company has set soft and hard caps of 500,000 and 5m TRX ($13,500-$135,000).

Getting started on April 15th, the team has a series of contribution rewards, including starter packs for its contributors.

The team has specified a minimum contribution of 500 TRX, with each amount giving users access to:

  • 8 Beta edition booster packs (retail price $16 USD)
  • 5 randomly chosen, exclusive SEEDGerminator Limited Edition Promo Cards

Along with automatic rewards for minimum contributions, SplinterLands has included higher tier rewards for contributors. Starting from 2,500 TRX, these offer discounts to promotional cards, allowing users to boost their decks.

  • Addresses contributing 2,500 TRX or more will receive a bonus 10% additional SEED promo cards
  • Addresses contributing 5,000 TRX or more will receive a bonus 25% additional SEED promo cards
  • Addresses contributing 10,000 TRX or more will receive a bonus 50% additional SEED promo cards

Max Level rewards for the highest contributors

Along with an exclusive range of cards, SplinterLands will also provide 7 sets of Max-Level cards. Between both SEEDGerminator and the game, both will have access to two of these sets.

For users that manage to contribute the highest amount of TRX to the campaign will be rewarded with these max-level card sets. In total, the team intends to provide these to the top three highest contributors.

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