Steem Monsters is coming to TRON as Splinterlands

SteemMonsters has announced that it will be integrating into TRON

TRON will be the latest network to host SteemMonsters, the team announced this week.

Being one of the more well-known titles that make use of the Steem blockchain, Steem Monsters is set to become available on two chains.

Consisting of approximately 2,000 daily active users, players were made aware that the team would be bringing the title to TRON.

Far from surprised about the move, players and the team have been pushing for cross-chain operability for some time.

The objective, of course, is to get the game in as many hands as possible.

“Since the very beginning, one of our major goals for Steem Monsters was to market the game and bring in large numbers of players from outside the existing Steem community.”

Not everything will stay the same, however, with the most apparent change being in the name. Officially being rebranded as ‘SplinterLands,’ the team responsible for integrating with the TRON mainnet is also collaborating with SesameSeed to run a successful fundraising campaign too.

Getting the SEED’s – Fundraising on TRON

Being supported by SesameSeed’s fundraising platform, SEEDGerminator (named after its TRON integrated currency). It’s hoped that the campaign will allow the Splinterlands team to at least reach its soft cap of 500,000 TRX ($15,000).

The main reason for working with SEEDGerminator is that it provides a more exclusive platform from which it can be placed in front of interested investors.

“Unlike platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo where anyone can list a project for funding,” the development team continues.

“The Sesameseed team hand picks only a select few projects that they feel will bring significant value to their community and to SEED token holders to be listed on the SEEDGerminator platform.”

The fundraising campaign is scheduled to start on April 15th.

What does this mean for existing users?

While the game is integrating with TRON, the team has made it clear that it is not leaving Steem:

“We want to be very clear, however, that in no way is Steem Monsters leaving the Steem platform, or even reducing our dependency on the Steem blockchain in any way.”

But will this new integration have any influence on existing users and their NFTs? Not according to them, having stated that new users will have the same kind of on-boarding process as older ones.

“Any new player who signs up through the Splinterlands website will still be creating a Steem account and all of the transactions within the game will still be published to the Steem blockchain and require Resource Credits.”

The underlying idea of integrating with TRON is that players on Steem will likely continue to play uninterrupted. While the team will steadily work to make the game playable to TRON users via the TRONLink extension browser extension.

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