Top Trending – Biggest stories in blockchain gaming

From partnerships, to milestones and more

Get informed of some of the big stories from the world of blockchain gaming this week!

Are we seeing an end to the crypto winter this month?

If we take a look at some of the tokens this week, there’s certainly hope for that.

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In the meantime, this week has seen some spirited performances from IOST and its Olympus platform. But rather than explore these here, check out some of the big stories from this week below!

1) IOST outpaces Ethereum in term of transactions


IOST‘s first iteration of its network, Olympus v1, has been progressing well since its launch. Having used the time to partner up with a range of dApps from gaming, gambling to voting systems. These include Endless’ series of blockchain games which are steadily being introduced.

2) Cryptic Conjure shows off new in-game footage

Cryptic Conjure

UI and the player’s User Experience appear to be in the forefront in the minds of the Cryptic ConjureTeam. The last few weeks has seen the developers showcase just what they mean by this.

3) Animoca Brands raises $3.3 million, taking total acquisition warchest to $12 million

Animoca Brands

Hong Kong-based, Australia-floated Animoca Brands (ASX: AB1) is continuing its aggressive expansion into the blockchain sector with a new fund raise.

4) Coins & Steel launches Android demo

Coins & Steel

The development team behind Coins & Steel have been keeping its developments under lock and key. But with this new week well underway, the team has announced what it’s been up to this whole time. Taking to social media, it has announced the release of its brand new demo.

5) Steem Monsters is coming to TRON as Splinterlands


Being one of the more well-known titles that make use of the Steem blockchain, Steem Monsters is set to become available on two chains.

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