Cryptic Conjure shows off new in-game footage

Cryptic Conjure is putting the emphasis on user experience

Lucid Sight has put a great deal of emphasis on user experience and immediate relatability. We’re seeing this in play with Cryptic Conjure.

UI and the player’s User Experience appear to be in the forefront in the minds of the Cryptic Conjure Team. The last few weeks has seen the developers showcase just what they mean by this.

Within the game, players are able to choose from a range of dungeons, all of which require a different skill-set of spells. The drop-down lists from its dungeon maps screen provide an intuitive interface for players.

The team has also been expanding upon its current work with its hub city too. Known as Rathe, it’s been used for showing off, both the mechanics of spell-casting and now combat.

Some of the emphasis on UI is on display with a minimal HUD, as well as notifications of whenever enemies drop valuable items. In Cryptic Conjure, monsters have the potential to drop ores of varying value, which can be used for spell crafting, or sold as an NFT.

For more information on the game, visit the website.

You can also find out more about the game from our interview with Randy Saaf.

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