Six Dragons kicks off the item presale

Over 150,000 ENJ backs the NFTs up for sale

Consisting of 4,500 chests, Six Dragons has kicked off its founders sale this week.

One of the newest entrants to the Enjin multiverse – Six Dragons is getting started with its item pre-sale. Starting on May 13th, 18:00UTC, holders of the multiverse founders token will be able to take part in this sale first.

And with the sale consisting of nearly 100 different NFTs, backed by 150k ENJ. There a great deal of variety and value for players to get involved with. This range of items are available through a total of 4,500 chests being put up for sale.

According to the team, these are divided up into two different classifications –

  • Eternal Chests – 2,750 will be in circulation, valued at $25 each
  • Dragon Chests – 1,750 of these will be sold, costing $50.

So what sets these chests apart? Each of them provides users with 1-3 randomized items. The only difference is that there is a 2.2x greater drop rate.

Along with the prospect of walking away with some rare assets. Players can buy chests with Paypal, Bitcoin, Ethereum and ENJ.

Be sure to check out the Six Dragons website here. More importantly, visit the pre-sale page right here.

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