Enjin introduces dapp browser to its mobile wallet

This come as the latest of upcoming good news from Enjin

Enjin’s dApp browser promises a high level of versatility for users

“A well-crafted DApp browser enables you to jump onto any blockchain-integrated website, initiate processes that require the approval of your blockchain wallet, validate the transaction with ease, and receive the resulting crypto or assets directly to your wallet.”

This is according to the Enjin team as it announces the inclusion of a new dApp browser to its mobile wallet. In order to streamline the experience for users, the dApp browser provides them with the following:

  • Log in to multiple websites to verify your asset inventory
  • Input your payment details when making online purchases
  • Input the delivery address for the asset you have purchased

Introducing the browser means that users have a blend of high security, as the Enjin team professes to provide. While also giving users a very streamlined way to sign transactions with 100% custody over their funds.

The next steps for Enjin

The future is looking relatively bright for the Enjin team. Along with offering access to ERC1155 assets to Unity users, it will be doing the same for Godot. The team will be creating and implementing an SDK for users of the platform in the future.

For more information, visit the Enjin website.

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