Enjin’s explorer now supports ERC1155 standard

Enjin's explorer provides players with the rights to brag about their NFTs

Enjin has now included ERC1155 NFTs to the EnjinX explorer

Enjin has placed a greater level of emphasis on fostering deeper partnerships with its exchanges. The EnjinX blockchain explorer, while consisting of 5 exchange services which have since adopted the system.

GDAC and Kriptomat have made more extensive use of the explorer creating their own digital assets for the Enjin multiverse too. The team has since updated the platform, making various ERC1155 tokens visible and searchable on EnjinX.

What does the mean for players, exactly?

Much like wiki pages for MMORPGs, EnjinX provides a way for players to check out the inventories of their friends.

Or, provide their friends with a way to look at the loot they’ve won from whichever games they play.

The explorer is integrated with the already existing digital wallet, meaning that users simply provide their wallet address to show off their NFTs.


Check out the introductory video for ERC1155 integration right here.

Reaching the Oasis [2.0]

The ambition of any virtual reality or blockchain project is to create an experience that is truly interoperable. Influenced by novels like ‘Ready Player One,’ Enjin has its own iteration of the Oasis.

So while many of the NFTs players will now be able to show off in the EnjinX wallet are earned the old fashioned way. Others, on the other hand, can only be obtained through multiverse-spanning quests, with one example being ‘The Monolith.’

These assets make the explorer all the more enticing for gamers, giving them a way to honour their bragging rights for rare items they win.

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