May the Fourth be with Chibi Fighters – Check out its new trailer

The force is with the Chibi Fighters team

Chibi Fighters took the less popular route of delaying its TRON launch until May 4th. But it’s paying off.

May has steadily become known as the month most in tune with the Force, and the Chibi Fighters team knows it. While the team had previously set out an early quarter release of the game for TRON. It took the less popular route and delayed launch until it could polish up the title as much as possible.

This extra time would allow for the team to ensure there was no avoidable friction involved in gameplay. Considering the world consists of a range of mini-games and deeper mechanics for its NFTs, it’s a reasonable approach to take.

As previously reported on, the development team behind the TRON launch also took the time to introduce a new ‘welcome pack’ for users. Known in its white paper as the ‘Chibi Dividend Token,’ this finite resource allows users to earn a percentile profit from the game. Be sure to check out our article on that.

But with the team taking the extra time to sharpen up the game. It will be launching on TRON on May 4th, in the meantime, check out its new trailer.

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