5 games have joined the Enjin multiverse

Enjin’s multiverse becomes a bit more ‘Enigma’-tic

While the universe is one that is constantly expanding, so too is the Enjin multiverse. Now, this interconnected ecosystem of games boasts five new inductees according to news from this week.

Solved! Online will be among those titles from Enigma which will feature Multiverse-enabled NFTs

What all five of these titles have in common is their development studio – Enigma Games, which made the announcement this week.

As of right now, its focus will be getting its more popular titles inducted, these being Warriors 2 and Shield of Shalwend.

Both of these titles boast the largest number of players, meaning they’ll have the opportunity to really test out what Enjin has to offer them.

From there, Enigma will be bringing in its other titles: Theta Warrior Defense, Min-Mins and Wargods Online 2.

Delving into the multiverse


What Enjin’s multiverse offers games within its ecosystem is an expansive level of interoperability.

With digital assets being transferrable across any number of games with different purposes and mechanics.

Enigma Games is on a mission to ensure that players can enjoy the same level of control over their items across the titles they’re bringing over.

Learn more about the Enjin multiverse here. And for more information about Enigma Games, visit the website.

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