Enjin and Changelly to develop co-branded Explorer

Changelly is getting its own blockchain explorer, thanks to Enjin

While Changelly is already part of the Enjin platform, there’s an express desire for a new kind of explorer. According to the Enjin team, the two companies will be working together to create a co-branded blockchain explorer.

For the cryptocurrency exchange, the creation of this explorer will allow its users to verify transactions that take place on the platform. All of this will be possible, thanks in large part to the experience provided by Enjin, having created EnjinX, its own blockchain explorer solution.

Changelly x Enjin NFT Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of this new branded explorer, the Changelly team will be hosting a giveaway, which starts March 19th. To make it all the more special, Changelly will be minting and distributing digital assets which are fully multiverse compatible.

Meaning that any assets obtained by a player will be readily available across all multiverse-enabled titles.

Along with this special giveaway, the Changelly team will be collaborating further with the Enjin team, intending to create and mint ‘Major Tom,’ an Ethereum-based collectible which will be fully compatible with the Enjin multiverse as well.

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