Kriptomat sees first ‘inspired’ ERC1155 assets hit multiverse games

From Dragon eggs to Flamethrowers, Kriptomat gets a gamers multiverse welcome


Since announcing its new partnership with Enjin, the digital exchangeĀ Kriptomat has seen some very positive feedback.

Apart from the positive traffic in the wake of its drive into the world of NFTs, games within the Enjin multiverse have weighed in.

According to the teams from both Age of Rust and War of Crypto, both have been working on digital assets inspired by the exchange.

For some context, these game development teams have been working to integrate the native Kriptomat token into their respective games. Meaning that any user that holds a Dragon Token will be able to redeem these items across those games participating in Enjin’s multiverse.

War of Crypto

While information is relatively light on what the War on Crypto team is working on, its Twitter provides a little teaser into what it’s working on.

While shrouded in mystery (for now), this collaboration has been receivedĀ with a great deal of positivity from the community.

Age of Rust

Meanwhile, the Age of Rust team showcases one of its dragon ‘inspired’ in-game weapons. This demonstrates one of the first ways in which the exchange has become involved in gamifying trading, according to AoR’s team.

With a lot more games across the multiverse, it’s likely that there will be more titles joining in on this special welcome for Kriptomat. So we hope to show just how titles seek to integrate these Dragon tokens into their gameplay!

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