Axie Infinity’s birthday updates

Axie Infinity discusses the milestones it has passed.

This week marks a full year since Axie Infinity was first launched. And in order to commemorate it, the team has published a number of updates to showcase the progress it’s seen in that time. One milestone being that it officially reached a total of a million Axie player battles.

Some major milestones

This figure is particularly impressive considering the short span of time in which battles were first introduced. Alongside this, the team has announced initial success from its ongoing pre-sale, accumulating 2,500 ETH ($360,000) so far.

With the existing user-base, Axie Infinity is also holding up its secondary market as a mark of success. With users racking up 8,000 sales and 1,800 ETH being spent.

Winter Invitational and Community Tournament

93 players took part in the Winter Invitational Tournament, vying for the grand prize of $2,800 worth of LOOM and LUNA tokens.

Along with holding a remarkable grand prize, according to the team, hundreds of viewers tuned in to watch the tournament play out.

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