Hora Games launches Crypto Idle Miner on Android

The wait is finally over

For those aficionados of idle games on mobile, you can now delve into the world of mining [sort of]. Hora Games has officially announced that its title, Crypto Idle Miner, is now live on Android and iOS.

The game gives players the opportunity to forge their own crypto mining business, starting with music, and moving up to the big coins.

Where it transcends conventional mobile idle gaming is in the use of its native currency – HORA Token. With those more assiduous players that prove capable of raking in resources earning HORA tokens.

Between operating as an ERC20 token, it has a long-term purpose for Hora Games, operating as its digital currency across its game titles.

For those curious, the team will be introducing this token next month.

Competitive play coming soon

Along with all of the excitement of running an idle crypto mining company, players will be able to compete against other players online. This will take the shape of leaderboards against other miners, as well as separate in/formal leagues with HORA tokens as the potential prize.

Over the next few months, Hora Games will also be introducing new buildings to the game, as well as an innovative PvP mechanic. The latter of which will be interesting to see.

Check out the trailer here.

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