CryptoWars outlines future prize pool system and MMO mode

CryptoWars is treading two paths simultaneously.

It’s been a pretty crowded first quarter for the developers behind CryptoWars.

With its tournaments, the team saw the participation of thousands of players, initially crashing the Loom network as a result. But since then, both the Experimental team and Loom have worked hard to scale the game and network.

And now, Experimental go into more depth about what the future holds for the game. Highlighting two distinct paths that it will provide for players – between an MMO experience, and a prize pool economy.

CryptoWars – a trail of two paths

A ‘deterministic’ prize pool system

Players have had a chance to experience the kind of tournaments that CryptoWars can host.

According to the team, future tournaments will operate on a determined prize pool system. Meaning that each player will pay a certain amount of ETH into a 100-user tournament, for example, and if they win, they’ll win the entire pot.

Longer-term, these tournaments will consist of three distinct types:

  • Warm-ups: which will be free for players to compete in. Allowing them to test out strategies and practice.
  • Prize-Pool #1: which consists both of a smaller number of competitors and a smaller entry fee.
  • Prize-Pool #2: which costs more to participate in, and will involve more players. And with more players and a higher fee, there are bigger prizes at stake.

CryptoWars MMO

Just like any Massively Multiplayer Online game, the emphasis on the long-run. Meaning that players that are more interested in developing their civilization, and creating an economic or technological powerhouse can use this mode to do just that.

For the prize pool system,  the CryptoWars team has stated that it will be launching on the platform as of Q2 of 2019.

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