BMW introduces new Binance Chain loyalty program

BMW has become the latest global car manufacturer to venture into the world of blockchain after the likes of Rolls Royce. According to an announcement, the company has launched a new loyalty program supported by the Binance Blockchain.

While not a global program, it represents a big step forward as BMW tests out the rewards scheme for its customers in Thailand.

As previously mentioned, this loyalty program is a big step for BMW, which now stands (figuratively) alongside other major manufacturers in leveraging blockchain technology to enrich customer experiences.

Along with BNB, BMW will use Coinweb for its blockchain solutions, allowing its services to be streamlined and readily scalable. It’s important to mention that showcasing in Thailand would be a good stress test for it, given its highly concentrated urban populations.

The integration process will be split across two phases – the first is an integration of BNB for its daily operations. Its second phase is where it will collaborate with Coinweb to build out its loyalty program.

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