DnD Beyond’s new OneDnD will include protections against third-party NFTs

While known worldwide as a popular tabletop RPG, Dungeons and Dragons ‘DnD’ will publish changes to include protections against third-party NFTs. Within a blog post in late December 2022, DnD Beyond announced various changes with the launch of a new game edition.

According to the team, the updates aim to support and protect third-party content creators and ensure transparency. Of course, this protection doesn’t translate where intellectual property comes into it.

“The OGL needs an update to ensure that it keeps doing what it was intended to do—allow the D&D community’s independent creators to build and play and grow the game we all love—without allowing things like third-parties to mint D&D NFTs and large businesses to exploit our intellectual property.”

In light of legal challenges against third parties by companies like Pokémon, this update doesn’t come as a surprise.

For more information about the changes to Dungeons and Dragons, check out the blog post here.

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