Etheremon tweaks its roadmap

From starter types to new tournament mechanics and more

Etheremon makes some much-needed changes to its roadmap this week

It turns out that it’s not just Axie Infinity making some changes to its roadmap this month. Etheremon has penned out some milestones that are coming up over April and May 2019.

First one being the announcement that starter creatures in the game will be going off-chain as of April 15th.

The logic behind this is that on-chain transactions, as the development team collectively found, was a sluggish process.

Meaning that onboarding someone who is brand new to the experience would be made challenging.

In order to fix this, the starter creatures are provided to new users through an off-chain process. So, rather than it taking minutes to confirm your first transaction “getting 3 starter Mons will take a mere second and players can get right into battling to have some fun,” according to the team.

Ranked, Practice and Tournament changes

By late April and early May, the Etheremon team is putting user experience to the forefront with changes to its world map. Since the launch of its beta, the team has focused on placing its core gameplay styles onto a single world map.

The next step to making this happen will take place over April 22nd, when the team places Ranked and Practice battles onto its world map. Meanwhile, its tournament system will undergo changes in order to provide greater balance for players.

While this update is expected to launch in early-May, tournaments will be divided up into level caps leagues.

Find out more about the roadmap updates here.

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