CryptoSpells introduces new mining system

CryptoSpells are putting cards into the Skinner Box

CryptoSpells’ new mining mechanics mean that levelling up is more of a positive for gamers

CryptoSpellsAlong with the introduction of its open beta, CryptoSpells is getting players inducted into a new way of earning new cards.

Trading card titles include a range of ways for players to earn, win and purchase cards to bolster their deck. The development team of CryptoSpells, for example, has players mining for their new additions.

For those participating in the game’s open beta, with each PvP match, each side earns a certain number of ‘Battle Points.’ According to the team, once you’ve earned enough of these to level up, they can be exchanged for a ‘Mining Ticket.’

This system adds a ‘Skinner Box’ mechanic to the game longer-term; with each level obtaining a new mining ticket for new cards.

For the moment, these cards only come in two rarities:

  • Bronze, with approximately 40 variations players can ‘mine’;
  • Silver, with only a quarter (10) variations available compared to Bronze.

According to the team, cards from either rarity are only available through mining. Giving a certain exclusivity to specific cards in your deck.

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