Battle Racers gears up for second multiplayer beta and end of pre-sale

With only a week to go, Battle Racers is ending on a high note

Battle Racers has seen an impressive streak of success for both its gameplay and pre-sale so far. Having seen one of its recent promotional sales cleared out in seven minutes, the team is coming to the final week of its broader pre-sale.

All in all, the team has managed to raise a total of 533 ETH so far ($139,500).

In order to finish on a high note, Battle Racers is bringing in some bonus events for the sales final days.

The first of these being a 50% increased chance of obtaining legendary class items from chests.

This buff will only be present from June 17-20th, however. But this relates to any chests opened during this event and not just ones that are bought.

To put this into a more mathematical context, the following drop rates will change to the following:

  • Gold crate — Legendary drop chance: 2.4167% to 3.62505%
  • Silver crate — Legendary drop chance: 0.9583% to 1.43745%
  • Bronze crate — Legendary drop chance: 0.1935% to 0.29025%
  • Wood crate — Legendary drop chance: 0.0556% to 0.0834%

Along with this increase to the drop rates, the Battle Racers team will be hosting its second multiplayer beta over this coming weekend.

Partly, this is thanks in large part to the feverish activity seen during the very first multiplayer beta a few weeks ago.

The pressure is on for interested players to join the waiting list, as Battle Racers will only be accepting 100 beta testers.

Be sure to fill in the form for the closed beta right here before the end of Friday 14th. Be sure to check out our interview with Luna Javier on Game On! Blockchain too.

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